Set of 20 Tokens & Jute Pouch
Set of 20 Tokens & Jute Pouch
Set of 20 Tokens & Jute Pouch

Set of 20 Tokens & Jute Pouch

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Set of 20 Hope Heals Tokens and Jute Pouch

If two tokens aren't quite enough for you, check out our set of 20 Hope Heals tokens! Packaged in a responsibly manufactured, multipurpose jute pouch, these simple silver discs serve as new ebenezers, reimagined Gospel tracts, and tokens of hope. This set of 20 is perfect for equipping your family members or small group to hope it forward!

Tell us how your tokens helped you to share the healing power of hope with #HopeItForward.


  • Approximately 1.25 x 1.25 inches
  • The tokens come packaged in sets of two, one token to keep and one to give away to someone in need of hope. You will receive 10 sets of 2, for a total of 20 tokens.
  • Tokens produced by Precision Metal Works, Inc.
  •  Pouch produced by Freeset Bags

Freeset Bags are made in Calcutta, India with the intention of providing work to women fleeing sex trafficking. The bags are made with environmentally friendly materials and fair trade practices.
Product photos by Emily Blake